“Music to me is a powerful art of expression.” Capturing the potency of a musical legacy which extends far further than her arrival to the USA, JOI ROCKS has successfully formulated her striking sound, taking her unique position in Hip Hop, a genre which has loaned platform to Joi’s distinctive floetic rhyming.

Effortless versatility as an emcee is JOI ROCKS vocal flagship. Switching up rap with chanting, singing and toasting with seamless guise, Joi simply enjoys expressing herself and allowing others to relate.

“I’m intrigued by the emotional energy, passion and creative process of music; its beautiful ability to move masses is what makes music my life. When I’m recording a song, or performing, my connection and love for the audience brings inner joy and contentment in a way that’s indescribably fulfilling.”

Joi’s journey as an artist started ‘back home’ in Zimbabwe. Proficient in piano at 6 years, Joi soon began writing rhymes and rapping by age 12. Since relocating to the USA, an East Coast stamp dominates her sound. Joi Rocks celebrates her African inheritance by switching a Philly-chic/New York vernacular to spitting her exotic mother tongue (Shona) with grace and urban reinvention. Representing Hip Hop’s blessed global appeal, Joi’s unique rhyming ability is a truly necessary addition to this genre.


Penning all her material is fundamental to the JOI ROCKS experience, with real life matters stylishly embodied in her songwriting. Joi’s rhymes encompass her experiences of socio-economic and political hardship, as well as the realities of being a strong woman in a male dominated industry.

Joi’s key life principles to live by include “Think it, believe it, receive it” and “Never ever give up.” Coming from humble beginnings, she was born and raised in a small town in Southern Africa.  Even after losing her parents at an early age, she still did not allow the environment she grew up in to set any limitations or boundaries to how far she can go in the music industry and in the world as whole.

A graduate Management Information Systems (MIS) degree is the only true contender to her sometimes explicit and always clever rhymes, making Joi a true ambassador to all aspects of her music empire. Writer, performer and strategist, JOI ROCKS has used her business tenacity to deliver live shows, and achieve radio play extending internationally to Zimbabwe, UK and South Africa.

In January 2011 Joi Rocks teamed up with Violator Management’s David Lighty and relocated to  New York and is continuing to work independently promoting the single & mixtape album “All Or Nothing Vol. 2″ She continues to develop making more music seeking more opportunities to date.

Recent hype includes:

THISIS50′s “Stop the Violence Tour”, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Long Island

Opening Set – Dipset’s Koch Record’s Hell Rell, Maybach Music’s Meek Mill, Sheek Louch

Philadelphia (V.I.P Lounge, XO lounge, Club Samba, Club Flow, Tragos, Fluid, Club Beyond, Club ONE)

Brooklyn (Production Lounge, Amarachi Lounge, Brooklyn Nights),

Upper Darby (69th Street Lounge)

DE (East End Cafe, Stoneys)

New York (Ha Comedy Club, Club Marfa, Iguanas, Madison Square Garden)

Baltimore (Courtesy of Spitters’ Club)

Harare, Zimbabwe (Celebration Center)

London, UK (Martins Lounge)

JOI ROCKS first release 15 track album Joi Vol. 1 (2010) is available on Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, E-music, and many more digital stores with hottest updates on forthcoming singles live at: